Work Hard, Be Humble, And Respectful When Fighting For Your Social Security Benefits

be humble respectful when fighting for your social security benefits

Be humble, respectful when fighting for your Social Security Disability Benefits.  Always keep on top of your claim. When you send documents to the Social Security have the documents in before the deadline, mail it certified/return receipt or fax it.  Do not assume regular mail will arrive at the Social Security in a timely manner. Having a fax receipt or certified/return receipt is proof you sent the documents.  However, call and check the status of your claim to make sure it does not fall through the cracks.
Here is some advice the Social Security Administration (SSA) employees sometimes provide wrong information to the public. SSA employees do not mean to get bad information about SSDI but it does happen.  Always remember this “Trust, but verify.”

The first thing you should to do is work hard, be humble, respectful when fighting for your Social Security Disability Benefits.  Having a bad attitude, smart mouth, not getting medical documents, research your medical condition.  No name calling to offend the Social Security Disability Representative because it is not going to get you anywhere.  But your case in a pile.  When someone who is willing to help you with your Social Security Disability (SSD) case.  Do have a million things to do whether than working hard on your case.

I personally know what attorneys go through with their Social Security Disability clients.  For example, the clients assume the attorney does all the work for them.  Meanwhile, the client does nothing to help their own SSD case.  Instead of sitting around it is your job to collect medical evidence to prove your case too.  It is your responsibility to keep all surgery discharge documents, doctor office visits, hospital documents, and test results etc. for your SSD case.  Also, any letters your attorney ask to write on your behalf for your case.

However, having a bad attitude when you speaking or writing to Social Security or The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).  When speaking to anyone about your SSD case be nice, polite, and do not express your real bad feelings.  Expressing your real feelings can come out mean and disrespectful.  I know you are stress, mad, having a mental breakdown, and want to get approved right now.  My mother used to tell me “you can catch more flies with honey.”  What that means is being nice for things you want.  So if you do not have any more honey in your body, go to the Dollar Tree and buy some for a $1.00.  Having a bad attitude is not going to get you anywhere.  But having a good positive attitude is going to get you the information you need to get approved.

I would like to tell you a short story about a person who fought their case for 8 years.  So out of the 8 years, this person got denied 2 times, but it he had a good attitude.  He kept fighting until approved for SSD Benefits.  It might have taken him 8 years but it paid off for working hard, being humble, and respectful to people,  Now he has learned the SSD process throughout the 8 years of trying to get approved.  But it finally paid off of getting approved.

But good behavior will give you an opportunity to increase your chances of getting approved the first time around.  If you like the person above in the story fighting for his SSD Case.  It is so time-consuming when fighting your case, but you must make take time to work on your own case.  For instance, set aside some time each day to work on your case.  You can research your disability in google, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic to print out and give to your attorney or to Social Security Disability for evidence.  Also, go to the Social Security Disability Blue Listing for your impairment or impairments at

On more thing is to write a statement letter describing your disability.  In the statement, the letter includes from the time you get up in the morning from the time you go to bed.  Informed SSD who does your grocery shopping, wash clothes, housekeeping, prepare your meals, take you to doctor visits, bath and dress you etc.  Let Social Security Disability aware of all of your struggles.

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