Who is actually unfit to work? Disability is on the rise in America: Part 6

Is too much standing and sitting on the job is bad for you?

Is too much standing and sitting on the job is bad for you?

Is too much standing on the job is bad for you?  Working and standing long periods of time at work can lead to muscle problems and back pain.  Is too much sitting on the job bad for you?  Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found sitting too long with health problems that includes cholesterol levels, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal, high blood sugar, a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressures, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.  Also, sitting too much can increase the danger of death from cancer and death from cardiovascular disease.

After Scott’s father had a heart attack, he went back to work at the mill.  Scott said if there was a mill for him to go back to work in, then he would have gone back too.  But there was not a mill for Scott to go back to, so he is on Social Security Disability.  It was not just Scott, but a lot of the mill guys took the same path, one man who shattered the bones in his ankle and leg, another man with diabetes, another man with a heart attack, and a man with diabetes.  After the mill shut down these guys went on Social Security Disability too.

Chana Joffe-Walt said he does not know what the rogue staffer meant when he informed Scott Birdsall they are trying to hide those mill guys.  However, signing up for Social Security Disability Benefits is a great way to stay hidden in one way, and people who are on Social Security Disability are not counted in the unemployment rate in their state or the national unemployment rate.

That is a terrible secret of the American labor market, David Author, an economist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), told Chana Joffe-Walt.  David said the reason the unemployment rates have been low until now a lot of people who had trouble finding jobs are now on different programs such as Social Security Disability.

This is part of the reason why a number of people are on Social Security Disability because it is a fact that the workforce is getting older, and older people seemed to have more health problems.

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