What Takes Place to My Disability Benefits When I Turn 65? Part 2

what takes place to my disability benefits when i turn 65

What takes place to my disability benefits when I turn 65? The full retirement age not always 65. In fact, 65 years old considered the age of retirement for those who were born in 1937 or earlier. However, those who reach full retirement age is at a later date.

What Takes Place to My Disability Benefits When I Reach Full Retirement Age?

What takes place to my disability benefits when I turn 65, there is two major change will take effect when you hit retirement age.  The first is your benefits will no longer be paid by SSD.  During the transition, SSD benefits will come from the SSA’s “Old Age” or retirement program instead.  However, your SSD benefits will not interrupted with the transition and the benefit payment will processed as usual.  Simply your payment will come from a different Social Security fund rather than SSD.  But you will not even notice the difference.

The second change is reaching full retirement age no more earning limits like SSD benefits.  In other words, your earning can increase by working a part-time job or other income sources without losing any monthly out of your benefit check.

At Full Retirement Age Change Will My Benefit Amount Affected?

Social Security Administration’s standard full retirement benefits calculated on what you paid into the Social Security System over the duration of your employment.  However, SSD benefits amount to your monthly benefit payment is not affected by the transition from disability benefits to retirement benefits.

What’s Required For Me To Make the Transition?

At this point, SSD beneficiaries do not have to do anything when they reach full retirement age.  SSA will automatically make the transitions to your benefits to the retirement fund without you completing a new application or other forms.

What about SSD and Early Retirement?

Actually, SSA does currently allow people to apply for early retirement benefits at age 62.  Yet, if disabled and been receiving SSD benefits before reaching early retirement age is not applicable for you.  However, you will still get your SSD benefit until you reach full retirement age.  Until it is time to transition from SSD to retirement benefits automatically by SSA.

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