Medicare Questions and Answers: Part 3

The road to Medicare Part A and Part B.

The road to Medicare Part A and Part B.

individuals that meet particular conditions. To read more about nursing home care, and extra help is available for paying for nursing home care go to the Medicare Government website.

Does Medicare cover hospice care?

Yes, Medicare pays for hospice care.

What kind of medical supplies does Medicare cover?

Medicare Part B help pay for diabetic supplies (Part D pays for insulin, oxygen, and catheters. Medicare also helps pay for prescribing medical equipment for home use. Medicare will pay for rented medical equipment and some medical equipment must be purchased for you. For more information call Medicare Coverage at 1800-633-4227 to learn more.

Does Medicare help pay for available care?

You can receive help with your Medicare premiums such as Part B and other healthcare expenses though several sources such as Federal sources like Social Security and Medicaid. Now if you have a saving, checking, IRA, 401K, stocks, bonds, and etc. cannot exceed over $11,000.00 then you will not qualify for extra help with Medicare Premiums or State Medicaid.

Will the new Obama healthcare law have an impact on Medicare coverage or benefits?

The Obama healthcare law gives you access to health insurance to improved and protect people like yourself with Medicare. Most people do not need to change their Medicare plans due to the law. To lean more information about the Medicare law go to the Government website.

Where can I call for Medicare questions and billing questions?

First, you should call your directed healthcare providers of your insurance company care or services, if you do not get the questions, and answers from your healthcare provider that you were trying to get, then you can call the Medicare office at 1800-633-4227 to ask your question and get the matter resolved.

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