Social Security Disability Tips: Part 3

When am I getting approved for my SSD/SSI Benefits?

When am I getting approved for my SSD/SSI Benefits?

status of your claim by calling the Social Security Disability Office.

  • After the disability examiner reviews your medical document and denied your application for disability benefits, then another disability examiner will review your medical documents for a reconsideration appeal, the next step will be a disability hearing.

Most Attorney’s whether you to file for lower levels of the SSD/SSI system, after that they whether represent you at the hearing level. Claimants can improve their chances of winning disability benefits by hiring an experienced disability lawyer, advocate, or self-guidance book to prepare for your case and to present your case in front of an Administrative Law Judge at the hearing. Having an attorney representing you, statistics show a 60 percent chance of being approved and 40 percent chance if you appear unrepresented. In my experience, a self-guidance book helped me get approved for my Social Security Disability Appeal case without an Attorney or a scheduled court date hearing. Plus some attorney’s wait for a scheduled court date hearing which can take years.

A self-help guidance book and competent disability representative can really help you evaluate your case to determine any weaknesses in your medical history documents, and to ensure you submit all recent medical documents for the judge review prior to the hearing.

Make sure your representative is qualified to be able to prove your case at the initial claim or appeal claim level. The representative should have knowledge of the Social Security Disability rulings, regulations, and the medical vocational rules. Also, know what the grid means and direct decisions of disabled or not disabled, the representative must be able to have a strong argument for approval.

Your representative can point out errors in the disability examiner’s original decision that prevent you from winning disability benefits the first time you applied. Make sure your representative can illustrate your particular physical or mental limitations that will you reduce the number of jobs you can qualify for which a decision it to award you benefits.

Step by Step Guidance

Check out our step by step guidance to save you some time and confusion on areas where you may struggle.

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