Why Social Security Disability Sends You to See Their Doctor?

why social security disability sends you to see their doctor

Why Social Security Disability sends you to see their doctor. When you first apply for disability, you may receive a letter to go to a medical exam. Consultative Examinations are sometimes required by the Social Security Administration due to the claimant either has not received medical treatment for their condition recently. Within the past 60 days has no or not enough medical records that support a finding of disability.

Why Social Security Disability sends you to see their doctor?  It depends on your disabling medical condition or conditions.  The Social Security Disability (SSD) examiners normally send you to a consultative examination (CE).  If your medical records are inadequate to determine your disability under the Social Security Disability guidelines.

The disability examiner may try to get additional information from your medical sources.  The examiner will contact your medical sources again for the information. Or schedule a consultative examination to see one of their doctors.  However, SSD like to use your personal doctor medical treatment sources for the CE.  If he or she qualified. Equipped to perform a CE for an authorized fee.

But Social Security rules given to the disability examiner.  To have the option to use an independent medical source for the CE or diagnostic test if:

  1. Your doctor does not want to perform the Consultative Examination;
  2. If the doctor does not have the equipment to perform Consultative Examination.  To provide the information disability determination needed;
  3. You decide to go to a different doctor and have a good reason for doing so;
  4. Your doctor is not qualified source for medical information;

Yet very few consultative medical exams were ever performed by a claimant’s own doctor.  Usually, claimants will go to exams conducted by Social Security Disability contracted doctors.  Whom they’ve never met.

However, if the disability examiner decides that they need more medical information.  You make have to go to a consultative examination with a neurologist, physician, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.

The doctor who performs the CE may not specialize in the medical field.  That deals with your medical condition.  For example, you may have back pain, but the consultative examination doctor may specialize in allergist.  It occurs when the SSD Examiner needs additional information about the limitation of a physical problem. Social Security sends you to whoever is available in your area to conduct the exam.

Many individuals who have mental illness see someone who specializes in mental conditions.  Yet, it means a psychiatrist should be able to do a full psychiatric exam. But it usually means seeing a psychologist that administered a memory test, IQ test or mental status exam.

Make sure the disability examiners have plenty of general medical information with clarification of your medical records.

Also, if the disability examiners have plenty of general medical information.  But need some clarification of the medical records.  Or an additional expert evaluation of an individual’s medical condition. For limitations that’s when an examiner send you to a specialist for clarification.  Therefore, many disability claimants receive thorough medical evaluations.  By doctors who specialize in their medical condition.  This only happens when the Disability Examiner is unable to determine your limitations through regular medical treatment records.

Yet, the disability examiner sends you to general consultative examinations performed the CE with a specialist.  These consultative examinations give the disability examiner a general status of your disabling medical condition.  However, many consultative examinations do not lead to approval for SSD benefits.  Unless something like intelligence quotient (IQ) testing.  Or memory testing to evaluate mental functioning because it is not subjective by nature.

After completing the testing scores are determined by the severity of their medical conditions.  Other evaluation of physical conditions, such as back pain, can be far more subjective.

Make sure you have all medical records, test results,  a thorough statement about disability limitations from your doctor.  Letters from family and friends explaining your disability limitations to avoid going to a consultative examination.

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