Social Security Disability Medical Documents

social security disability medical documents

Social Security Disability Medical Documents is evidence for determination. Under both SSD and SSI programs. Each person who files a disability claim is responsible. For providing all medical records and test results. To the Social Security Disability Office or ODAR Office.

Make sure your attorney submit all of your Social Security Disability(SSD) medical documents for your appeal case. To the ODAR Office. If you received Form HA-L56 (05-2011) in the mail. From the ODAR Office. Then your case is being reviewed for updated medical records.  For a decision on your claim. Inform your attorney to submit all your SSD updated medical records and Form HA-L56 (05-2011). To the ODAR Office. If your attorney tells you everybody gets Form HA-L56 (05-2011). So don’t worry about. DO NOT ACCEPT NO FOR AN ANSWER.

Request for SSD updated Medical Documents

If your attorney refuses to submit your updated medical documents and Form HA-L56 (05-2011). To the ODAR Office. Then submit the updated medical documents along with Form HA-L56 (05-2011). To the ODAR office yourself. Remember you hired the attorney to do a great job for your SSD appeal case.

If feel your Attorney is not trying to get your SSD case approved. In a timely manner. Then get the green light from your attorney to help fight your own SSD Appeal case.

Also, after your attorney file your SSD appeal application.  Then have your attorney to file a Request for Reconsideration of your SSD claim. By completing Form SSA-561-U2 (12-2016) uf (12-2016). When your SSD claim initial application gets denied. That’s when your attorney can file a Request for Reconsideration.  Also, file your SSD appeal application on your behalf. For the Social Security Administration to reconsider. Its decision on your SSD claim. But still, file your SSD appeal application. Because you only have 60 days to do so.

Skipping SSD Request for Reconsideration Level

Some attorneys skip the Social Security Disability’s Request for Reconsideration level. Instead, attorneys file an SSD appeal.  Then wait for an SSD scheduled court date hearing. The average wait time for an SSD scheduled court date hearing is 2 to 3 years or more. This is why you should make sure your attorney is following all five levels of the SSD process below.

Level 1 – Initial disability claim

Request for Reconsideration Level 2 –

Level 3 – Request for an Administrative Law Judge Hearing

Request for an Appeals Council Review Level 4 

Level 5 – Federal District Court

So before you hire an Attorney for your SSD Appeal case. Make sure he or she will follow all five levels. Of the SSD process above. Ask the attorney to explain how they handle their Social Security Disability Appeal cases. Ask he or her do they continue to work on SSD Appeal cases. While waiting for an SSD scheduled court date hearing. To get an SSD Appeal case approved. Without a scheduled court date hearing.

Write down a list of interview questions to ask an SSD attorney. Before hiring him or her.  For example, ask the attorney what is their SSD Appeal cases. Win and losses ratio.  Inform the attorney you would like to help fight your own SSD Appeal Case.  That way you can make a decision to hire the attorney or not.

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