Should I file a new Social Security Disability Claim, instead of appealing a Denial with the Appeal Council? Part 2

The Appeal Council examine all requests for review, however, they can deny a request if the hearing decision was correct. Whenever the Appeal Council make a decision to review your case, and determine your case will be return to an Administrative Law Judge (AlJ) for further review.

If you go beyond your time limit for filing an appeal and cannot get an extension granted.  If this happens then consult with a Social Security Disability Attorney to find out the bests course of action.

However, if your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, then call a Social Security Disability Attorney.  They may figure out what piece of information the Social Security Administration may need in order to review your claim and approve it.  Communicate directly with your physician or other medical professionals, to make sure the SSA forms are filled out to addresses the questions and relevant information about r impairments before your claim can get approved.

Having a Social Security Disability self-help eBook or an attorney can really improve your chances of success at every level of the Social Security Disability claims and appeal process.  It is very important to have an attorney at your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, having an attorney can save you from having to go through the appeal process in the first place.

When your disability claim has been denied for any reason, does not mean you do not have a legitimate claim or you cannot win your SSDI case.

The best chance you have to work through the appeal process is submitting any new medical evidence you can get that will help Social Security Disability Attorney.  Fighting for your Social Security Disability for several months or even years is worth the back pay when your claim is approved when going through the appeals process.  Do give up.

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  1. I am having to write a brief to federal court because i was denied benefits for SS. The original decision from my first meeting was bias and lead to an intentional denial of my benefits. Without even looking at my original disability (Ovarian Remnant Syndrome). 2nd the alj did not even have a doctor examine me for the disability. The whole process never even gave me a chance. Moreover, In order to appeal i have been unable to locate an attorney to handle my case to federal court. Does anyone know if there is an easy step process to help me file my federal court case?

    • David Goodman, I do not know any attorney to handle SSDI/SSI Federal District Court case. You can google “SSDI/SSI Federal District Court Attorneys” to find an attorney to handle your case. Also, google “examples of writing SSD/SSI brief for Federal District Court” and use that to write your own. Make you include in your brief the Administrative Law Judge was bias, did have a Vocational Expert during the hearing. The Vocational Expert is an expert about job availability in the labor market, and the skills needed to perform specific jobs.

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