What should you say if you go to a Social Security Exam? Part 1

what should you say if you go to a social security exam

What should you say if you go to a social security exam? Always tell the truth about your impairments causing you unable to work. The Social Security medical exam is rude, quick, and usually not helpful. You may be sent to a Consultative Exam if the Disability Claims Examiner decides if it is necessary.

After you filed for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. You may be asked to attend a Social Security Disability exam. Also, called a consultative exam (CE).  In this article, it will tell you what should you say if you go to a Social Security exam.

What should you say if you go to a Social Security Exam?

Several disability applicants are nervous and afraid during the Consultative Exam,  Many SSD applicants are scared to say anything during their consultative exam. Because the physician may write an unfavorable report.  This fear is easy enough to understand since many SSD applicants who attend CE report.  From the physician performing the disability exam. The disability exam is nothing but short and rude.

Some SSD physicians who perform CE’s are a bit doubtful or even biased against those seeking disability benefits. However, many physicians are performing theses consultative exams for the Social Security Disability Office is out for the money. The CE takes 10 to 15 minutes on an average. However, it provides physicians with a steady source of income.

If you attend Consultative Exam and faced with an unsympathetic attitude. By the physician who performed your exam, then try not take it personally.  Several older SSD applicants are embarrassed to apply for disability benefits. But older applicants downplay their symptoms or physical limitation at their CE appointment.  Not to apply for disability benefits, not in their best interest.

Another name for SSD is SSDI which stands for Social Security Disability Insurance. To receive SSD benefits. You must work and pay into the system. However, through the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). FICA taxes come out of your paycheck over the years. That will make you entitled to disability benefits if you become too impaired to work.

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