What should you say if you go to a Social Security Disability Consultative Medical Exam? Part 2

social security disability consultative medical exam

When you file for disability, you may be requested to go to a Social Security Disability Consultative Medical Exam. Consultative exams are often required by the Social Security Administration due to a claimant either has not received medical treatment for their condition within the past 60 days. Or has no medical records that will support a finding of disability.

This is the whole point of the Social Security Disability (SSD) program to ensure everyone has some kind of safety net. In the event they become disabled.  However, make claimants have adequate Social Security Disability Consultative Medical Exam.

Social Security Disability Consultative Medical Exam

So, if you attend a consultative exam the best thing to do is a report for the appointment on time. Do not miss your scheduled exams because it could result in a denial of your disability claim. During the exam tell the truth. Don’t try to tell your life story in the exam, answer the physician’s questions. But, do not allow a physician’s bad attitude, bully you into being overly complaining.  To the point of you pretending your condition or limitations aren’t that bad.

If your pain causes difficulty performing any physical or mental tasks.  Then do not be afraid to say so.  Yet, remember the SSD physicians who perform CE’s are just interested in finishing the exam quickly and write the report.  Whether than get a full idea of your medical condition. Some of these physicians want to make money and do not care if they are doing an adequate job.

Finally, don’t worry about what to say at your Social Security consultative exam.  Be truthful when answering questions about any limitations you have as a result of your impairment or impairments.  Allow the physician to write up his/her report. The consultative exam is usually a formality and may have very little impact on the outcome of your case.  They are not likely to upstage the opinion of your treating doctor or evidence contained within your medical records.

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