Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

saving money on prescription drugs

Saving money on prescription drugs by searching for discounts and prices. Compare prescription drug prices and more than 60000 US coupons.

Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

My doctor put me on a very expensive medication. I did not want to pay over $300.00 for a 90 day supply. I was lucky to get a month of free samples of the medicine from my doctor office. Also, the nurse call me and I asked her could I have more free samples of the medicine, and she said no problem.

Back in the day doctors used to give you a bag full of medicine samples. Doctors receive medicine samples from pharmaceutics sales representative to give to their patients. So, when you doctor put you on any medication ask for samples. Get as many as you can.

Good RX Is another Way to Save Money on Medicine Prescriptions

Good RX is another way to save money on medicine.  Go to

type in your medication in the search bar and press enter. Then a list of prices for your medicine will load. Go down the list to see the cheapest price for your medication. Some of the medication have a coupon which can save you money as well. For example, Trulicity Dulaglutide at Target (CVS) has a coupon for $648.75 savings. So with the coupon, you pay nothing for this medication.

Some prescription mail orders to do not accept coupons. So call your mail orders prescription provider and ask if they accept coupons. If they do not accept coupons. Then print out the coupon and take to the pharmacy who have the cheapest price for your medicine. Call your insurance prescription provider to see how their coupon policy works.

Blink Health Online Prescription

But, Blink Health is another way to say money on prescription drugs. This how Blink Health works, type your prescription drug in the search bar and press enter. A list of medication prices will come up and scroll down for the cheapest price.

Pay for medication on the Blink Health website. Then print out a receipt and Blink Card to take to your local pharmacy to pick up your prescription drug. This will show the pharmacy proof of payment for your medicine.

You can save you up to 95% on the prescription drug. Blink Health have a majority of generic drugs. Which is a big saving when you have a high prescription deductible? If you do not have a prescription plan this is a good way to get your medicine at a reasonable price. Blink Health website is

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