Preparing for the Social Security Disability Consultative Mental Examinations

social security disability consultative mental examinations

Social Security Disability Consultative mental examinations are a one-time visit with a psychologist or psychiatrist paid by Social Security. To perform an examination that contains an important standard mental evaluation. Normally claims examiners use of the three mental evaluations to talk about potential mental health issues.

Learn how to prepare and what to anticipate during a Mental Consultative Examination.

Social Security Disability Consultative Mental Examinations

The important thing you can do is prepare for mental consultative examination (CE).  However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will mail you a letter or call to let you know when is your CE appointment.  I will explain in this article to learn what to expect.

What tests will be administered at the Consultative Exam

Actually type of tests or evaluations during the CE depends on each individual case.  However, Social Security Disability Claims Examiner at the Disability Determination Services (DDS) will request and schedule any tests or evaluations they will need to get a complete picture of your disability.  Yet, this will allow the reviewer to make a decision regarding disability benefits.  In addition, most Social Security Disability Claims Examiner work at state agencies called the Disability Determination Services or DDS.

What should I bring with me to the Consultative Exam appointment?

As a result, a majority of the Social Security Disability Consultative Exam appointments will be used to discuss your past situation with a mental examination.  Here are a few things you should bring with you to your Consultative Exam appointment:

  • Social Security claim number and
  • An ID (such as a driver’s license, passport, or a nondriver’s license identification card).

What Questions Will They Ask Me at The Consultative Examination?

Consequently, the purpose of the Social Security Disability Consultative exam is to fill in holes in your medical records.  The physician is going to know the following information:

  • Medical History. The physician wants to know what your impairments are.  Also, how your impairment affects your everyday life and ability to work.
  • Social History. Physicians want to know about your relationship with your family and friends. Your ability to interact with others in the community.  They want to what type social activities you are currently involved in.
  • Educational Background. It includes any difficulties you had in school.
  • Work Background. This will include attempts to return back to work.  The results of those attempts.

This information will be very helpful for your upcoming CE appointment. To ensure you are able to remember everything mentioned in the article to speed up the examination.

It’s very important to remember the intentions of these mental examinations is to get more information about you.  So that the Social Security Disability reviewer is able to make an accurate assessment of your disability.  Finally, make sure you answer the questions accurately and honestly.

What Should I Write Down My Medical History Before the Consultative Mental Exam?

However, it is important to give the physician an accurate account of your past and present medical and social history.  But it would be to your advantage to write down certain information and bring to the consultative exam.  Therefore you will not accidentally forget something, including:

  • previous diagnoses
  • treatments received and the results of those treatments
  • supported living facilities in which you have lived and the dates that you lived there
  • previous hospitalizations and dates of those stays
  • current medications you take and
  • any criminal history.

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