The New Security Enhancement to Protect Your Privacy

new security enhancement to protect your privacy

The new security enhancement to protect your privacy and personal information. When you enroll in the new security feature, you see an image and a phrase that can help you identify that you are on the Social Security Administration website, which is not a fraudulent look-alike site. The second feature added is a safety by identity who you are to prevent unauthorized access to your “my Social Security” account.
When you visit a Social Security Office in person, we can identify you. Just like you can identify us. By adding the Security Image and Phrase, now you are able to identify us over the Internet. When you enroll in our new security feature, will allow you to select an image and phrase known only to you.

June 10, 2017

On June 10, 2017, Social Security has strengthened the way they protect their client’s privacy. For “my Social Security” users. However, Social Security Administration has added a new identification method. That has two first layer of security is the username and password. Yet, adding these new security enhancements is to protect your privacy and measures feature to safeguard your information? But at the same time making it easy to use a vital part of keeping your information safe and secure.

However, you can check the status of your Social Security Disability claim through “my Social Security” website. But it will allow you to check the amount of retirement, disability monthly payments, and yearly earnings. Yet, “my Social Security” will date back to your first job you ever worked. The Social Security Administration will mail out a statement once a year if requested. However, by telephone or “my Social Security” website.

The New Security Enhancement to Protect Your Privacy

Each time a Social Security client signs into their account, they complete two steps. Click on to sign up or sign in.

Step 1: Enter your username and password.

Step 2: Enter the security code. Then you will receive a text message or email. Depending on your choice (cell phone provider text message and data rates may apply).

Also, these security enhancements have upgraded “my Social Security.”  To create an enhanced customer experience.  By using “my Social Security” portal will automatically adjust the screen size for a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.  No matter what type of device you use it easy-to-use and access your personal “my Social Security” account.

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