How to Answer Questions at a Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) Hearing: Part 5

Steps to successfully apply for Social Security disability
Feb 1, 2016 … Roughly one-third of applications for Social Security disability benefits are ultimately approved. How to make sure yours is among them.

Unfortunately, if the Administrative Law Judge believes you are overstating your symptoms, you will lose your credibility and if the Judge does not believe you then you will most likely lose your claim for stance, if the Administrative Law Judge ask you to rate your pain on a scale one to ten on an everyday average, it would not be a good idea to answer your daily pain is at a ten.  State your daily pain is five, six, or even seven is more believable than 10.  Now if your pain escalates at times then should state at times my pain level goes up to a nine or ten, then provide an explanation as to what is your worse symptoms like grocery shopping, sitting too long, cleaning, walking upstairs, etc. When explaining you symptoms avoid phrases like constantly, every day, all the time, unless it is absolutely accurate.

Having multiple impairments, be careful about accuracy in your descriptions for each symptom.  If you inform the Judge that all of your impairments are extremely severe and painful this can compromise your reliability of truly severe impairments diagnoses rely solely or partly on self-reported pain levels.

Having Representation at Your Hearing

Having an experienced disability lawyer or non-attorney representative can help you to answer the questions to help support your disability claim than possibly undermine it.  A Social Security Disability advocate can help with pre-hearing preparation will help you avoid answering the judge’s question in a way that will not hurt your case and any fears you have.  However, a disability representative can answer many of the Administrative Law Judge’s questions that come up at a disability hearing.

Step by Step Guidance

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