Information you will need to apply for Social Security Disability: Part 2

Social Security Disability Application Process

If you do not have all of your documents, do not delay applying for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. Social Security Administration will help you get the documents.

Social Security Disability Application Process

More importantly, if you do not have all of your documents, do not delay applying for Social Security Disability or SSI.  Social Security Administration will help you get the documents.  Such as the following below.

  • Date of birth and place of birth (foreign country or State);
  • Was there a public or religious record made for your birth before age 5;
  • Citizenship status;
  • Did someone else every filed a Social Security benefits, SSI, or Medicare on your behalf.  If so, whose Social Security record you applied with;
  • Have you ever used another Social Security number;
  • Were you ever in the active military service before 1968, if so what are the dates of service?  Have you ever been eligible to receive monthly benefit from a Federal civilian agency or military;
  • Was you are your spouse worked for the railroad industry;
  • Have you ever earned Social Security work credits under another country’s Social Security system;
  • Will you qualify or expect to receive an annuity based or pension on your employment with the Federal Government of the United States. Or one of its State or local subdivisions;
  • Are you married, if so what is your spouse’s name, date of birth, age. And Social Security number if known;
  • Any former spouse name, date of birth, or age.  All Social Security numbers if known;
  • Provide the places and dates for each marriage.  How and when your marriage ended;
  • All of the names of any unmarried children under 18.  children who are 18-19 in college or disabled before the age 22;

Addition Documents

  • Do you have children under the age of 3 years old were living with you during a calendar year. When you had no income (earnings);
  • Did you have a parent who was a dependent with you for ½ of his or her support at the time you became disabled;
  • What was your earnings ever since 1978;
  • Include names of your past employers or information about your self-employment.  Also, the amount your earnings for this year and last year;
  • In any event, do you expected to receive any money from your employer.  Since the date you became unable to work;
  • Do you have any unsatisfied arrest warrants. Including an escape from custody or felony.  Nevertheless, ran to avoid confinement or flight escape from prosecution;
  • Give the date when you became unable to work due to your injuries or conditions.  List all illnesses that cause you to be unable to work;
  • Any information you have about worker’s compensation.  Like black lung, or similar benefits you filed or intend to file for. These benefits are listed below:

Provide information for workers’ compensation. Such as, black lung, and/or similar benefits you filed, or intend to file for. These benefits can be:

  • In any event, will it be temporary or permanent in nature;
  • List all annuities and lump sum payments that you received;
  • Provide who is the annuities and lump sum payments will be paid by your employer’s insurance carrier, private agencies, Federal, State or other government or public agencies, or employer;

Here are some examples below:

  • Black Lung Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Civil Service Retirement
  • Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation
  • Federal Employees’ Compensation
  • Federal Employees’ Retirement
  • Military retirement pensions base on disability
  • State Disability Insurance benefits

Important Note:

Most importantly bring your checkbook or other documents.  That will show your account number of your bank account, other financial institution or credit union.  In order to sign up for direct deposit to avoid worries about stolen or lost checks and mail delays.

Step by Step Guidance

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