How to Switch Your Social Security Disability Lawyer?

how to switch your social security disability lawyer

How to switch your social security disability lawyer. First, you should consider where you are in the disability process. Because when you hired your attorney, you signed a fee agreement for 25% or up to $6,000 from your disability back payments award to you.

If you are thinking about switching your disability lawyer. Then you should remember that you signed a binding agreement. That includes expenses that you may have to pay. Whether you win your Social Security Disability (SSD) case or lose. How to switch your Social Security Disability lawyer.

This is the reason why you should always read over any fee agreement before signing. But, it does not mean that you are unable to change your SSD lawyer or disability representative. Yet it means that you may have to pay out of pocket for incidental expenses and hours spent working your SSD case. If you agreed to pay fees in the fee agreement you signed.

How Do You Switch Your Disability Lawyer?

Yet, if you determine you are going to switch SSD lawyers or representatives. Mail a letter to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and your current SSD lawyer. Stating you no longer need them to represent your SSD case. Also, a request from your a current lawyer a letter of withdrawal from your SSD case to the SSA.

Then your new disability lawyer can send your documents and a newly signed fee agreement to SSA. It will go smooth to switch to your new disability lawyer. But, it will not prevent your initial lawyer from informing SSA part of the fee in your disability case. Also, that you refuse to pay and sign a withdrawal letter.

Will not prevent your initial disability lawyer from getting the expenses and fees. That you agreed to pay by signing the fee agreement. For example, fees may include postage stamps, phone calls, travel, and medical records. Or any other expense your initial disability lawyer entitled to. Also, you are responsible for any expenses you agree to pay your new disability lawyer. After you signed your new lawyer fee agreement.

Disability claimants can switch their disability lawyers with very little trouble. But most disability lawyers will sign a disability withdrawal letters. Once the clients agreed to pay expenses. Some disability lawyers and representatives can refuse to sign a withdrawal letters. They can petition a disability fee should your claim approved for disability benefits. If a disability lawyer or representative refuses to withdraw from your disability case. It will be difficult to switch to a new disability lawyer.  Many lawyers do not want to involve themselves in contesting disability fee petition cases.

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