How to Get a Free Car if You Have a Disability

how to get a free car if you have a disability

How to get a free car if you have a disability. However, if you have a disability is often difficult to get around. Yet it often limits your ability to get gainful employment, go to medical appointments, and grocery shopping. But you may be eligible to get a free car if you are disabled and meet certain criteria.

How to get a free car if you have a disability.  If you’re disabled and unable to work, a vehicle can be hard to get.  But you might still need a car to get to medical appointments, visit family, and run errands.  As a result, there are ways for you to get a free car.  Here’s how below.

In order to a get a car you must live in the United States of America.  Have the following information ready.

  1. More importantly, create a small packet of proof, paperwork, and the reason why you need a car.  In other words, write an outline clearly stating how a car will have a positive impact in your life.  That way people might be more likely to give you a car for free.  Also, consider including following below.

Proof of your medical records, doctor’s notes, disability, or Social Security Disability Income check stubs, would be relevant information.

Also, state all proof of your expenses.  By tally up the total amount of housing, utilities, food, and other necessities cost each month, then compare your disability income.  However, it will show you can’t afford a car on your own.

Create a list of reasons why you need a car and reliable transportation.  If public transit is not an option for you, then write the reasons why.

Figure how you can afford car insurance, gas, maintenance, and registration expenses.  However, getting a car for free is only have of expense because of the daily upkeep of your car.  Not only purchasing gas, you have to get your car service every 4 to 6 months.  But if you cannot afford these expenses, be sure to note that in the letter when you requesting a free car.

  1. To apply go to free charity cars at  Free Charity Cars accepts people’s old cars as a charity donation that way they can get a tax write-off.  Then free charity cars will redistribute them to people in need.  To be eligible for the program you must be a US citizen living in America.  You may qualify for a free charity car for the following reason below.
  • Victim of domestic violence
  • Medically Needy
  • A victim of natural disaster, for example, hurricane or tornado
  • Change from public assistance to working
  • Live in a shelter
  • Working and living under the national poverty line, which is $24,600 for a family of four in 2017.
  • Part of the military active-duty family.

Definitely apply online at Visit the Free Charity Cars website and make a profile.  To begin with, telling people your story in a convincing way utilizing the information you gathered in step 1.  After that just wait for the votes to come in!  Also, ask your online friends to make a profile and vote for you.

  1. Talk to local churches.  However, most churches are non-profit organizations that someone donates a car to the church and person can claim it as a tax write-off.  If church members are aware of your situation they will consider donating a car to you through the church.

If you attend church regularly, then start there.  Explain to your pastor utilizing the information you received in step 1.  Ask if a church member can donate a car to help you with transportation.

Do not join a church just to get a free car.  A righteous church will not “trade” a car for your beliefs.  But you want to be a good, honorable person with merits of a church that displays such generosity and helpfulness to you.

  1. Contact the non-profit organization that helps people with your particular disability.  If the representative you talk to is not aware of any existing programs for a free car then try to speak to a few different people about free car programs.  Do not be disrespectful toward the first person you spoke to.  You can google free car programs.  If the car is not free then it may have a low-cost program, or a payment program with little or no interest.
  2. Talk to auto mechanics.  Since mechanics know how to fix vehicles, they might come across a car they can fixed for a low price that would fit your needs.  Maybe a generous church member can pay for the repairs for you or give a loan with little or no interest.  Or someone might have an old car they no longer want to go through the trouble of repairing.  But the old car has sentimental value for them and they would see someone else driving the car.  Another way is to convince a mechanic to fix it for free or give you a discounted price.
  3. Networking.  Inform people you need a car, the better chance of getting help to buy or get a car for free.  If you are not a social person and it feels awkward for you.  But is important to step out of your comfort zone to get the help you need.  Do not allow your feeling of shame or pride get in the way of asking for help because you must overcome them.  Yet everyone needs help sometimes, and remember there is no shame in asking for it when you truly need it.

But look for ways to help other people.  You can tutor, babysit, fix something, or rake a yard.  Yet you never know when someone you helped might end up helping you back is call acts of kindness.

Use social media networking to your advantage.  You will be able to reach out to more people for help through the Internet.  By creating accounts on Myspace, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.  Just share your struggles and efforts to get a free car.

  1. Think about whether you really need a car.  Can you live without a car?  Can you rent a car once or twice a month?  Google Discount Car Rental Rate, or use Zipcar.

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