How to Answer Questions at a Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) Hearing: Part 4

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Social Security has a strict definition of disability based on your inability to work and provide for yourself and your family. Disability benefits are available only to …


For instance, if your disability affected you handling your finances, concentration, focus, or memory loss.  This information is vital to the Administrative Law Judge because it would prove to have extreme difficulty in performing many types of jobs.

It will be helpful to ask a family member or friend who assists you to be a witness at your Social Security Disability court hearing or write a letter on your behalf and get it notarize.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Discuss your Impairment

Whatever your impairment is, the Administrative Law Judge and the vocational expert will discuss any information that is highly personal at the disability hearing.  Often disability claimants feel understandably embarrassed by symptoms of their treatments they have experienced, procedures, test, and their disease.  It is common to be embarrassment especially with people who suffer from HIV or certain types of hepatitis, mental illness, or impairments that change lifestyle choices.

It is very important to remember that the Administrative Law Judges hear hundreds of testimonies a year from disability claimants with every believable disability, and it is the Judge’s job to decide whether you meet all the requirements for Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.  So set aside any embarrassment so you are able to provide the Judge with clear and accurate answers so your claim can be determined fairly. 

Be Honest and Don’t Overstate your Answers

This is very important, answer an Administrative Law Judge’s questions with honesty.  Do not make your symptoms sound worse than they really are because of having a better chance at winning your Social Security Disability claim.  However, overstating your disability can have an opposite effect.  Always remember the Judge’s hear hundreds of cases a year.  The Administrative Law Judge are trained well in recognizing when a claimant is magnifying the truth.

Step by Step Guidance

Check out our step by step guidance eBook to save you some time and confusion in areas where you may struggle.

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