Help with Fighting your Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

Fighting your Social Security Disability

Need Help? Help is here!As the result,

As the result, I am so disappointed in people who need help with their Social Security Disability Benefits but do not take advantage of the book.  However, not utilizing all the help is available.  Not to mention, I spent $100’s of dollars in creating a website, hired a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Professional.  In order to have maintenance for my website monthly.  I even paid to get my book copyrighted which makes me first-time author.  I wrote a self-help digital e-book called “How to win your Social Security Disability without an attorney” to help people with their case too.

This book, can help you fight your own Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Initial Claim, Reconsideration Appeal, Appeal Case, and Appeal Council Review.  The book can ensure your Attorney is doing everything in his or her power to get your SSD or SSI benefits approved. You can make sure your Attorney is not sitting around waiting for your scheduled appeal court date hearing.  Some Attorneys do nothing to your SSD or SSI case so they can get $6,000 cap for attorney fees.  But the book it will give you the steps to make sure your Attorney is working towards getting your SSD or SSI reviewed by a Decision Writer’s for a decision.

My mother always said to me “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  Which means putting some of your eggs in different baskets?  Getting as much help as possible to increase your chances of getting approved for SSD or SSI.  It is like having a little more insurance.  However, the book helped one of my clients who had an Attorney.  Unfortunately, the judge he had, denied his appeal case.  After my client purchased the book, he sent me an email to ask additional questions about the SSD process.  My client wanted to know the next step of the SSD process.  I informed him the next step will be to call his attorney.  To ask if he or she will still represents him.  To answer his question further is to file Appeal Council Review.

His Attorney still kept him on as a client.  Then filed his Appeal Council Review.  Some Attorneys will not represent you after the judge denied your appeal case.  Since he used my book and questions I answered.  After my client read and educated himself of the SSD process.  He is able to make his Attorney get to work on proving his disability claim.  I talked with my client and did some research on his Social Security Disability case every day for a month. My client had to waited for 4 years for a court appeal hearing then an appeal council review.  He finally got approved for his SSD.  All of his hard work on his SSD case paid off for him.

The self-help digital book “How to win your Social Security Disability without an Attorney.” is available on the website just click on buy it now button. Book is only $19.99.  However, I priced the book at a reasonable price.  If you do not have the money to buy the book.  You can ask 20 friends and family members for $1.00 to have enough money to purchase the book.  Another payment method is all major credit cards and PayPal is accepted on the secured website.

Step by Step Guidance Book

Check out our step by step guidance book. It will save you some time and confusion. Or in the areas where you may struggle.

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