How to File a Complaint about Unfair Treatment by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

complaint about unfair treatment by an administrative law judge

What can I do about unfair treatment or prejudiced? File a complaint about unfair treatment by an Administrative Law Judge. You can file your SSD complaint directly with the Social Security Administration describing the unfair treatment you experienced.

Give the Social Security Administration (SSA) your complaint in writing.  If you are unable to write a complaint letter, then SSA will write it for you.  Please give SSA as many details of in the incident as you can, including:

  • Name, address, and telephone number;
  • Social Security number;
  • Name of the person who treated you unfairly;
  • Describe in detail how you were unfairly treated;
  • What actions or word you thought were unfair;
  • Was there any witness saw or heard the unfair treatment; and
  • If someone is writing the unfair treatment complaint about you.  Then give SSA your relationship to that person.  Include your and their name, address, and telephone number.

File a Complaint about Unfair Treatment by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

Therefore your complaint should describe in detail what the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) did and said that was unfair or inappropriate in your opinion. However, it does not mean an ALJ’s decision was wrong or an error.  It does not mean that the ALJ was unfair or engaged in misconduct.

What You Need To Know Filing an Unfair Treatment Complaint

In addition, filing an unfair treatment complaint is not the same as Social Security Disability (SSD) appealing a decision.  Therefore, if you received a denial letter on your claim and you disagree with the decision.  In fact, you will only have 60 days from the date you received the denial letter to file an SSD appeal.  To ask for an SSD appeal of the decision.

However, an ALJ’s decision letter will explain how to file an appeal.  Also, describe the unfair treatment in your appeal court hearing.  For additional information, ask for the Appeals Process (Publication No. 05-10041), which is also available online at

Where to Mail or Fax My Complaint Request?

To File a Complaint about Unfair Treatment by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  Mail your complaint to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Division of Quality Service, 5107 Leesburg Pike, Suites 1702/1703 Falls Church Virginia 22041-3255 or fax it to 703-605-8501.

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  1. What a joke!!! I had been denied access to my case file by SSA,Nobody in office, via phone calls or letters has addressed my complaints,this beyond unfair treatment, mis-information, error on face of documents have also been reported yet NOBODY !! not a supervisor, employees, anybody taken time.I feel discrimination is in play also,this has gone on so long I’ve been forced to reapply for SSA/SSI I NEED HELP PROVING MY ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE

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