What Should I Do Discriminate against for the Social Security Disability Program?

discriminate against for the social security disability program

It is not Social Security Administration (SSA) policy to discriminate against for the Social Security Disability Program. SSA policy requires employees to conduct Social Security Disability programs and activities in a way it does not discriminate. On the basis of race; color; national origin (including limited English Proficiency); religion; sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity); disability; age; or parental status. No employee, agent or SSA Office can discriminate, retaliate against anyone who filed a discrimination complaint, coerce, threaten, or intimidate.

If you think any Social Security employee or representative discriminated against you on the base on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, language proficiency, and age. However, you can file a Social Security Disability (SSD) complaint with the Social Security Administration (SSA).  In addition, you can file a complaint about SSD program discrimination.  If you believe the Social Security activities, policies or practices discriminate against for the Social Security Disability Program

However, you can file an SSD complaint if you think a Social Security employee threatened, harassed, intimidated, and coerced you.  Or retaliated against you for filing a previous complaint claiming discrimination or participating in any discrimination investigation.

Discriminate against for the Social Security Disability Program?

Consequently, an SSD complaint of program discrimination must be filed within 180 days of action if you believe you were discriminated against. However, If the discrimination took place more than 180 days then explain why you waited to file the SSD complaint.  At any rate, Social Security may waive the 180 days requirement if you have a good reason for filing a complaint late.

Social Security Administration Program Discrimination Complaint Adjudication Office

Go to www.socialsecurity.gov/online/ssa-437.pdf website to print out complaint Form SSA-437-BK to complete and mail to the Social Security Administration Program.  If you decide to write a letter instead of completing the form, the letter must include all information requested on the form.  Make sure you or your authorized representative must sign it.  Finally, any incomplete information or an unsigned form will slow down the processing of your complaint.  Provide the following information in your SSD complaint letter or Form SSA-437-BK.

  • Name, address, and telephone number;
  • Social Security Number;
  • A description of the discrimination of the action the Social Security employee took.  Description of the Social Security Administration’s policy, procedure, or practice that you believe is discriminatory;
  • Provide all of the names of anyone involved in the discrimination action and description what they did;
  • Name the place where and when the discriminatory action took place;
  • Provide the names, contact information of anyone who witnessed the action;
  • Indicate if you reported the discriminatory action to the Social Security Administration;
  • What actions should the Social Security took to resolve your complaint; and
  • If you filed an SSD complaint about this matter with any other agency or organization.  Then identify the name, address, and phone number of the agency or organization and the date when the complaint was filed.

Furthermore, if you need assistance filing your complaint, you may call the Social Security Administration at 1866-574-0374.  In addition, make sure you mail or fax the signed and dated discrimination complaint to the Social Security Administration Program Discrimination Complaint Adjudication Office, Room 617 Altmeyer Building 6401 Security Boulevard Baltimore, MD 21235

What will Social Security do about my complaint?

The Social Security Administration will receive your complaint.  Then your complaint will be assigned to someone who hasn’t been involved in handling your claim.  He or she will review the information you gave in the SSD complaint.  After the complaint matter is closed, then you will be notified of the outcome.  If you appealed the SSD decision on your claim and included information about your complaint.  The Appeals Council will discuss your complaint when responding to your appeal.

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