Deciding if you want to Represent Yourself for Your Social Security Disability Appeal Case: Part 4

Judge, how long will it take to get a written decision in the mail? I do not know, just go home and watch out for the mailman.

Judge, how long will it take to get a written decision in the mail? I do not know, just go home and watch out for the mailman.

Please keep this in mind provide Social Security Administration with as much relevant medical evidence documents as possible.

How to Prepare for a Disability Hearing:  Some disability claims are approved at the hearing level.  A hearing is carried out in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who will review the medical evidence you submitted, and listen to your disability argument.

The Administrative Law Judge will question you about your medical condition and may be asked to clarify the questions about your medical records.  At the hearing, there will be a vocational expert (VE) at the hearing.  A vocational expert is a person who is experienced to give him or her opinion about the types of job you can or cannot work due to your physical and mental limitations.  The Administrative Law Judge will take the vocational expert opinion on whether you are unable or able to work.

At the hearing, you must be ready to explain any inconsistencies you may have in your medical records.  Also, you must be prepared to cross-examine the vocational expert if he or she testifies you are able to work.

The Appeals Council and Federal Appeals:  If the Administrative Law Judge denies your claim by mistake, then you can request the Appeals Council (AC) to review the judge decision, however, the Appeal Council is not required to review the decision if they  think it is not necessary.  If the Appeal Council denied your claim or refuse to review the Administrative Law Judge decision then you can appeal your case to the federal district court.  Unfortunately the Social Security Administration will not help you with the federal appeal, however, please follow all of the court rules carefully, if you do not then your complaint will be dismissed.  This is where it make sense to hire a disability attorney for the Appeal Council or federal court hearing.

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