Common Mistake – Waiting Too Long to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits Part 2

Social Security Disability Benefits

You should file for SSDI benefits as soon as possible. Especially, when your disabling condition will last at least twelve months or longer.

SSA medical opinions on your condition based on long-term disability. The Social Security Disability Medical Examiners will give their recommendation on a brief visit and exam.

One of the big mistake people make is waiting to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Because in most cases the limited amount of back pay you’re entitle to. Back pay is base on when you apply for disability benefits. Actually, you are eligible for benefits dating back to the date you became disabled. It is call the onset date. As a result, it limited to one year before you can apply for disability benefits.

If you became disabled a year ago then do not wait until two years before applying for SSDI benefits. Because you are cheating yourself out of a whole year’s worth of benefits. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot than most people realize.

You should file for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible. Especially, when your disabling condition will last at least twelve months or longer. Because your disability must last a year or longer to qualify for benefits.  For some people make the mistake thinking they can’t or should not apply for benefits. Until they’re disabled for a year.

As a matter of fact, a couple of major problems with that thinking. First, it can cost you a lot of money your’e entitled to. Secondly, it means waiting longer to start receiving benefits. The Social Security Disability claims is a long process. It takes several months or even more than a year before claims can get approved. Finally, the last thing you want is to wait until a year to start the Social Security Disability claim process.

If you are not positive about your disabled condition will be long-term then contact the SSA. To let know you are filing for disability benefits. This will establish a protective filing for your disability benefits. If you decide to apply for disability benefits at later date.

Finally, if you wanted to apply for disability benefits. It will be good to consult with an Social Security Disability Attorney. Who can explain the obstacles you make face of getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits. There are SSDI self-help digital eBooks available to help you through the process. I you decide to fight you own SSDI case. 

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