Choosing the right Social Security Disability Attorney or Advocate: Part 2

Right Social Security Disability Attorney

It is very important to choose an Attorney who has a win ratio at least 75% for Social Security Disability cases.

It is very important to choose a Social Security Disability Attorney who has a win ratio at least 75% for Social Security Disability cases.  Make sure the Attorney is willing to work on your case until approved for SSDI benefits. When interviewing candidates be sure to ask the questions below:

  • How much experience do you have representing someone for SSDI
  • How long have you or your law firm been in business?
  • Are you an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau?
  • What are your fees for Social Security Disability representation?
  • Cam a law firm provide counsel to complete the necessary paperwork?
  • As a result your law firm track all forms and appeals on time? If so what documents will you provide for me?
  • Will your law firm attend hearings or any appointments with me? Is there any extra fee for this service?
  • Will your law firm contact all my doctors to get medical records for my file? Is so do you charge for this service?
  • Does your law firm have a limit number of times when I can call with questions?
  • Will I have some say about my case?
  • How often should I check the status of my SSDI claim with the Social Security Administration?
  • Will your law firm be responsible for confirming my claim file is up-to-date?
  • Can you give names and phone numbers of previous clients for references?
  • Can I submit my documents to the Social Security Administration on my own?

Getting Experience Representation Matters

However, there are a great number of Impairments Criteria by Social Security Disability Insurance. The Social Security Administration guidelines for strokes, AIDS, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and cancer. It is very important.

In conclusion, preparing for a case is very important to use the language specified in the disability type to prevent denials or delays.  Make sure your representation is utilizing the Social Security Administration Blue Book Listing to look up your condition.

Step by Step Guidance Book

Check out our step by step guidance book. It will save you some time and confusion. Or in the areas where you may struggle.

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