Can You Receive Social Security Retirement Benefits and Disability Benefits at the Same Time? Part 2



disability is now 25% of your full retirement benefit, and you never choose not to receive early retirement payments.

However, your disability benefit will be frozen because of your lack of income as a result of Social Security Disability Income was not added to your Social Security retirement payment from your work earnings history record.

Disabled after early retirement benefits start. If you were collecting early retirement benefits prior to the Social Security Administration states when you were disabled, unfortunately, Social Security Disability will pay the difference between your SSDI payment and early retirement payment now you will get paid for at least less than full retirement rate for the rest of your life. If the Social Security Administration denied your disability claim straight out then you will remain to receive early retirement checks at the early retirement rate for the rest of your life.

The Plan for Deciding When to Take Early Retirement

However, some people who quit their job at 62 years old generally apply for disability and choose early retirement at the same time, so they have early retirement checks to fill the gap until they receive their Social Security Disability Benefits start, unfortunately, there is no guarantee you will get approved for your disability benefits, and could be left collecting less than full retirement rate for the rest of your life. However, you can still work when you are severely impaired and getting your disability benefits. It is easier to get disability benefits when you are over 60 years than younger people, and Social Security Disability will give people over 60 years old special consideration.

If you are taking action, please get a self-help book, advocate, or a disability attorney to help you to determine your financial options and chances of winning your Social Security Disability Income Benefits.

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