Can I ruin my Social Security Disability Case by working while waiting for a decision? Part 2

Social Security Disability

By limiting your working hours could be Social Security Disability Fraud.

Don’t take a job that is going to limit your income

If you earn more than $1,170 per month before taxes and deductions it will be considered Substantial Gainful Activity Amount (SGA) for 2017.  There are Social Security Disability regulations with some exceptions which mean you are not disabled.

If you reduce your working hours in order to earn less than SGA amount, is that okay?

By limiting your working hours could be Social Security Disability Fraud.  Fraud is classified as being able to work and earn Substantial Gainful Activity Amounts. But if you decide to reduce your earnings in order to stay below the SGA levels to remain eligible for Social Security Disability. You can be found guilty and have the risk of being prosecuted.  So be smart and do not do it, please.

Does working disprove your Disability Benefits?

Below is a quick example:

If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, you will have a hard time being around people.  While waiting for your Social Security Disability Appeal court hearing, you can get a part-time job as a customer service clerk.

Here are some recognizable problems here below?

  • The customer service clerk job is not substantial gainful activity.
  • And, there will be no issue of being able to work a job with the less physically demanding job.
  • No limiting earnings in order to keep income below $1,130.00 SGA level.

Nevertheless…….Social Security will be presumed to believe you are not able to work because you are unable to interact with co-workers, supervisors, and public when your entire job is interacting with people.

Unfortunately, you will have to explain this to the Social Security Disability which makes it harder to make your case.

These are a couple of possible problems with working while trying to get approved for your Social Security Disability case.

I do not want to discourage anyone from working while waiting for your Social Security Disability Appeal Case scheduled court date hearing.

However, there is no simple answer to the questions whether you should work while applying for Social Security Disability Benefits.  Unfortunately, each Social Security Disability case require a review of your job and individual impairments, so watch out for possible problems.

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