Can I ruin my Social Security Disability Case by working while waiting for a decision? Part 1

Can I ruin my Social Security Disability Case by working while waiting for a decision?

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Unfortunately, there is a long wait for a Social Security Disability hearing.  Which has a huge financial drain with some people.  With no incoming income or just welfare, many people are unable to pay for groceries, utilities, and rent.

A lot of people ask if they can get a job until they are approved for their Social Security Disability initial claim or appeal case.

Please keep this in mind Social Security’s definition of disability is you must miss 12 consecutive months of work due to your impairment.  However, if you attempt to go back to work while your disability case is pending then it may or may not be a problem.  Unfortunately, if you try going back to work for a few weeks or a few days. Then the judge will perhaps see it as unsuccessful work attempt that is due to your inability to work.  For example, if you stay working on a job for more than 3 months it will look like you have the capacity to substantial activity (work).

If you decide to go back to work a trial period then it will not count against your disability claim.

There are other problems you may need to know about deciding to go back to work.  Social Security Disability will examine your work ability and decides if you can work a full-time job.

Therefore you should have no problem with working a part-time. Correct?


Part-time work can cause a lot of problems on your Social Security Disability


If you can get and work a part-time job in a light duty type job. For example, a shelf stockier at a grocery store then Social Security may assume you are capable of working a full-time job at a less physical job requirement.  A part-time job work will be considered as a hard work level that may suggest you are able to work a full-time job at a lesser hard work level.

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