Can I Qualify for Both SSDI and SSI Disability Benefits? Part 2

See how you can receive SSD and SSI in the article below.

See how you can receive SSD and SSI in the article below.

keep this in mind your SSI payment will be included in calculating to see how much and if you are eligibility for Supplement Security Income. In several cases, your Social Security Disability Income payment will be too high and you will not qualify for SSI.

Monthly SSDI and SSI Benefits Concurrent Claim Payments

Unfortunately, you will not receive a higher monthly combined benefit than Supplemental Security Income program alone. However, your Supplemental Security Income payment will be lowered by receiving Social Security Disability Income payment to match the highest Supplemental Security Income payment. For example, if you’re Social Security Disability Income payments is under $733.00 per month then you will receive Supplemental Security Income payment. Especially, when your SSDI benefit is less than $733.00 per month then you can receive both Supplemental Security disability and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time.

Benefits of Concurrent Claim

Whichever if you apply for Social Security Disability Income, Supplemental Security Income or both then the Social Security Office will make a decision on whether your claim concurrently depends on your income and assets? However, the category for your disability claim will not make a difference how the claim is processed. For example, your Supplemental Security Income claim will be handled exactly the same way as a Social Security Disability Income claim. This is the same definition for disability and has the same evaluation process for both programs.

Benefits of a Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income Concurrent Claim

The benefit of collecting SSI is when you are receiving a lower monthly SSDI payment that’s when your SSI payment will go up to $733.00 per month. If you are able to collect SSDI benefit when you are eligible for SSI then you may be eligible for Medicare as an SSDI recipient however, you must wait 2 years to become eligible for Medicare begins.

The difference is Supplemental Security Income you are eligible for Medicaid alone. Although Medicaid does pay more for medical services than Medicare, but more physicians accepts payments from a Medicare that makes it easier to find a doctor.

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