Bender Consulting Services, Inc. Recruit and Hire People with Disabilities for Competitive Career Opportunities: Part 1


Those with disabilities who work earn 37% less on an average with a high school education than their peers without disabilities; however, in some states it is even a wider gap.or example, Goodwill Industries is a multibillion-dollar company who executives make a six-figure salary is among the nonprofit organizations is allowed to pay thousands of disabled workers below minimum wage due to the federal law is known as Section 14 (c).

About Bender Consulting Services, Inc.

At Bender Consulting Services, Inc., their mission is to recruit and hire people with disabilities for competitive employment opportunities for the private and public sectors.

As the economy continuing to grow and recover, employment numbers are increasing, for an overwhelming 13 million Americans with Disabilities still are unemployed. Because of Bender Consulting Services, Inc., has solved the critical business and critical issues are provided by employers with a qualified talent that given well-experience people with disabilities a chance to display their abilities to have solid careers since 1995. To this day, Bender Consulting Services, Inc., have placed people with disabilities in major companies such as many Federal Agencies, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Anthem, Inc., Highmark, and Bayer Corporation. These people have expertise experience in finance/accounting, biology, mathematics, information technology, human resources, engineering and other professional areas.

Bender Consulting Services, Inc., headquarter is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has a strong presence in Canada and across the United States through their sister company called Bender Consulting Services of Canada.

People with Disabilities

As the new world accelerate up with opportunities have a career presents. There are competitive jobs will help individuals with disabilities reach new levels of unheard rewards such as personal independence, the benefit of a car, improved self-worth, new apartment, feel equal, and go on vacations. In order for people with disabilities can make the first move towards freedom and happiness.

Bender Consulting Services, Inc.

Bender Consulting Services, Inc., is a national leader in employment for individuals with disabilities. They specialize in joining private and public sector employers with experienced employees with disabilities in support of their disability recruitment initiatives. Bender Consulting Services, Inc., have a lot of experience in workplace mentoring of individuals with disabilities, disability employment strategy, and training, recruitment, and hiring.

The CEO, Joyce Bender, is an expert in disability employment for over 30 years of recruitment, executive search, and experience in employment.

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