Appeals Council Office Disability Adjudication Review SSA History and Current Information: Part 2

appeals council office of disability adjudication and review ssa

The Appeals Council Office of Disability Adjudication and review SSA is part of the process for determining whether a person may receive benefits. From the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review is responsible for holding hearings, issuing a decision.

Appeals Council Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Social Security Administration SSA

The Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) provides professional clerical support.  In addition, the Appeals Council Office of Disability Adjudication and Review SSA.  Also, OAO maintains and controls files cases. Decided in a negative way towards claimants by an Administrative Law Judges. In view of claimant’s brings a civil action against the Commissioner. But, the Social Security seeking judicial review of SSA’s final decision. Then the OAO staff will prepare the record of the claim for filing with the court. It will include new medical documents and evidence. Social Security Disability (SSA) relied on upon making a decision on your claim.

Deny the Request for Appeal Council Review

In most cases, an appeal sent to the Appeals Council. Claimants will receive a letter in the mail that states “Your request for review denied. Of the Administrative Law Judges’ decision. This means the Appeals Council will not approve your benefits. Or send your case back for another ALJ hearing. It means your claim have been denied.  Yet there are many reasons why an Appeals Council will conduct a thorough review. From the ALJ hearing proceedings.

Remand Request for Appeal Council Review

The Appeals Council Review have the right to decide if the judge made a technical error. Also, did not consider some of your medical evidence. In resulting the need for a remand the case back for a second ALJ hearing. This occurs about 22% of the time.

Appeals Council Overturn the Denied Claim

If the Appeals Council can decide the judge’s decision was completely in error. They and overturn the decision in resulting in an approval. This only happens to 3% of the time.

How long does an Appeal Council Review Take?

There is no way to know because of every other step of the disability process. In some cases, it will take 18-24 months for a decision of some kind to make. Sometimes an Appeals Council Review decisions can take 3 months.

Step by Step Guidance

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