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how to appeal social security disability

About How to Appeal Social Security Disability

Melva Smith has written her first self-help eBook intended to help readers reach a level of enlightenment so they can leave suffering behind and live a life of peace. Her work include The Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits which she wrote in November 2015. She did nine months of internet research to learn how to get her and other people SSD Appeal cases reviewed for new medical documents and on to a Decision Writers desk without a scheduled court date hearing or an Attorney. Melva Smith experienced everything that is written in the eBook to get her Social Security Disability Appeal approved.


I am a committed Social Security Disability Advocate. I will do everything in my power to make sure your SSD case will be reviewed and onto a Decision Writer’s desk for a decision. This means encouraging people to fight their own SSD/SSI case themselves and decide their own fate. I will be happy to answer any of your questions, after you have purchased the self-help e-book. I will continue to encourage you and be your best cheerleader until the end.


Right now my life purpose is to grow continually and use my knowledge to help others with their Social Security Disability Benefits cases. This will make a big difference in their lives to help them get approved for SSD/SSI Benefits and for me it will bring joy and happiness.


This The Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits e-book and website is not a scam nor fraudulent. I create this e-book to help people get their Social Security Disability case reviewed and on to a Decision Writer’s desk for a decision. The Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits
eBook, help applicants can cut through the bureaucracy; they will not have to worry about how to fill out their application for Social Security Disability benefits.  Also, how to deal with their caseworker and what information to include with the application.  Most importantly, the medical information you need to compile and mail to the Social Security to expedite the claim process.




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