Are You Applying For Social Security Disability?

social security disability

social security disability

Applying for or Appealing a Social Security Disability (SSD) Case can be very challenging.  It was very challenging for me.  Especially the first time my application was denied and I had to file an appeal.  Nevertheless, I completed an online Social Security Disability appeal form and submitted it.  However, little did I know that it would take up to two to three years to even get a scheduled court date?  Furthermore, I said to myself, “I can’t wait two to three years just for a court date.  Because by then I will be homeless with no money, no food, and lose everything I ever owned.”  On the other hand, going back to work was out of the question because I was not physically or mentally ready to return.  Due to eventually getting terminated from a job.

So I started doing intensive internet research for nine months to find a way to get my Social Security Disability Appeal Case approved.  Without waiting two to three years for a court date to be scheduled.  I utilized the information I found on the internet help me to win my Social Security Disability Appeal case on my own without a court date.  I did not have an attorney because I did not want to lose 25% of my back pay to attorney fees.  Moreover, I just wanted to decide my own fate. After going through the whole process, that’s when I decided to write this book.  To explain in detail what documents and tests you need to win their SSD case the first time around or appeal without a court date.

Because I did not want anyone to go through what I experienced in trying to get approved for their SSD another year or more.  It is very hard for someone to get approved when they do not know what documents or tests are needed.  In order to prove they are indeed disabled.

Also, this information really helped me get approved for my Social Security Disability Appeal without a scheduled court date.  I recommend that you download the self-help digital eBook “How to Win Your Social Security Disability without An Attorney.”  So you can start utilizing this information for your Social Security Disability Appeal or the first time you apply.

If this information was available when I was trying to win my Social Security Disability Appeal, I would have ordered it.  But during my nine months of research, I couldn’t find anything like this book out there on the internet.  Please take advantage of this eBook because it will take you step-by-step through how to get your case reviewed without a court hearing.   The eBook can also take you step by step for SSD initial claim too.  This will be the best money you ever spend on a self-help book.

I created this website to help people better understand the Social Security Disability process.  Purchase the book today called “The Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits”.  Download this book for $19.99, which is a special limited time offer.  Do yourself a favor and purchase this book so you can start trying to get approved for your SSD case.


Have an Attorney?

social security disability

Just because you have an attorney does not mean you do not need this book. In fact, this book can give you information to make sure your Attorney is doing everything in his or her power to get your SSDI case approved in a timely manner. The steps in this book will give you the opportunity to ask your Attorney questions to see if he or she is doing everything to get your SSDI Case approved. By purchasing the book you can tell your Attorney how to handle your case. Or you can just fight your own Social Security Disability Case by purchasing the book and following the steps to get your case reviewed and on to a Decision Writer’s desk for a decision. Remember you have choices when fighting your SSDI case, so take advantage of every opportunity you can.


Veteran Health Records Now Available without Delay for Social Security Disability Benefits:

social security disability

The Social Security Administration is always finding new ways to provide world-class service to veterans.  SSA now can receive Veterans and eligible family member’s medical records electronically from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  By using a Health Information Technology (Health IT).

However, SSA receives request close to 15 million medical records from healthcare organizations. In order to make a decision on about three million disability claims annually.  Which brings Health IT up to speed and power of electronic medical records to the Social Security Disability determination process.  By obtaining medical records through Health IT SSA can receive medical records in minutes.

The SSA has added the Veteran Administration to the Department of Defense to more than 50 other Health IT partners.  Which makes about 7,000 facilities across the United States that provide the SSA with electronic health records.  After the Social Security Administration received medical records electronically.  That they can speed up claims processing time and be reducing manual efforts.  However, Health IT has obtained records for hundreds of thousands of Social Security Disability claims.

The Social Security Administration goal is to continuously expand the number of the healthcare organization.  Also, federal agencies to provide electronic health records to the SSA within a safe and secure environment.  In order to meet the needs to their customers.




PS: This e-book and website is not a scam nor fraudulent. I create this e-book to help people get their Social Security Disability case reviewed and on to a Decision Writer’s desk for a decision. The e-book we help you prove you’re indeed disable.


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